Cropped Baltic amber for bathroom incense and aromatherapy (40 ml)


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When amber is heated above 38 degrees, it releases negatively charged ions and volatile terpenes. As a result, a specific amber odor appears in the air and the air is ionized. In ancient treatises there are reports that amber has a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract, bronchi, removes spasms, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract and lungs. Amber smoke was used in ancient times by shamans to connect the real and parallel worlds. Negatively charged ions have a strong, stimulating effect on the body.
Lietošana: Pirms dodamies pirtī sildīties ņem 1 g dzintara pulvera un uzkaisa uz karstiem pirts akmeņiem. Šo procesu pirts iešanas laikā var atkārtot vairākas reizes.
Volume: 40 ml