We have been researching Baltic amber since 2007. Countless scientific articles have been read and analyzed, experiments have been performed both for themselves and their relatives. Amber has been used by tomatoes in the greenhouse and in the dog yard. Around 2012, experiments with the conversion of fine amber into an amber disk began, and after five years we had a result. From the middle of 2017, the amber disk was used by our relatives, friends and friends of friends. Thank you for your valuable feedback and conclusions. It helped us come to the realization that we can start a business and offer the fruits of our labor to others. The name of the company consists of our surnames, as we are responsible for the quality of the product with our name.


Uldis Krauze

Ivars Vallers

Baltic amber researcher, healer, masseur. For more than 10 years he has been making helpers for masseurs and bathers from Baltic amber.

Head of fire rituals, founder of vibroacoustic massage in Latvia, bather.

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